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multiverse 0.6.1

CRAN release: 2022-07-04

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for #107. Parallel execution of the multiverse (i.e. when cores >= 2 as an argument to execute_multiverse) resulted in creation of new environments and execution in these new environments, which are different from the ones that are stored in the multiverse object and returned by expand. Fixed implementation so that all the bindings from the environments were copied to the stored environments, and the resultant variable bindings can be accessed through expand (thanks, @markromanmiller, #108).
  • Throw errors when empty options are declared (eg. trailing commas) inside branch statements

Minor Changes

  • Improved support for parallel processing using future as backend. Users can set up parallel execution workflows on both unix and non-unix systems using future. Multiverses can be executed in parallel on a local machine or concurrently on a cluster.
  • Support for displaying progress of execution using txtProgressBar. Use argument progress = TRUE for the function execute_multiverse().
  • .errors column added to the output of expand which lists the errors encountered during execution of the multiverse.
  • Updates to the documentation and examples, to improve walkthrough of the steps involved in creating a multiverse analysis.

multiverse 0.5.0

CRAN release: 2021-06-01

Major changes:

  • First CRAN release.